Fantasy Monthly was created by an avid reader of young adult fantasy. Name the YA fantasy book and she has most likely read it. Who better to choose your monthly fantasy fix than someone who knows all about it? 

That's why the owner, Kaylin, started this subscription box! She loves YA as much as you and will always make sure to send you five star rated reads.

Need more reasons to sign up?

Kaylin started this book themed box not only to send you great fantasy reads every month but to also create a community of like minded people. She plans to invite every subscriber to an exclusive Facebook group where you will discuss the coming months read. This will be done using the tailored book club questions that come with each box, live interactive videos, and monthly bookish giveaways! You may even find a new friend or two who loves books just as much as you! How great would that be? 

So click on the link above and sign up today!

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