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Bound in Death

When Diana of the cursed house Bellatrix loses her life, she is forced to admit to the King of the Underworld that she had not become the hero she promised him.

High Fae Academy

Having powerful magic that draws you to your fated mate isn't all it's cracked up to be. . . At least not when there are five to choose from.

Mayhem in Hell

I was supposed to die and go to heaven, too bad I ended up in hell.

Stolen by Her Wolves

Solitude and pain are all I've known, so when four men show up claiming to be my saviors I'm not exactly receptive to the idea.

Blood Demand

Every one hundred and twenty-five years the four sinfully sexy ruling coven lords choose a new concubine from the human population.

Illusions Academy: A Charmed Mind

Welcome to Illusions Academy where the student body is hot, the magic is unpredictable, and nothing is as it seems.

Wolf Claimed (Stand Alone)

From an early age, I had gotten to know the three princes of The Isle. We've fought viciously for our entire lives.

At no time did I assume it would lead to them choosing me as their wife.

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